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Joy is in the Simple Things

It occurred to me today that with the ever-growing “to do” lists that pile up and the demands life can bring, it can be very hard to remember to stop and appreciate the simple things and truly get pleasure from them. I was listening to a podcast today and it reminded me that there is so much joy in the simple, everyday things, but it is ALL IN HOW YOU LOOK AT IT.

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Make the Decision to Do it

There always comes a moment when you decide to take a step in one direction or the other. As I have been feeling better, but still out of my routine, it has been easy to have that moment and choose not to workout. It isn't about "motivation": it's about that moment and that decision. When it comes to anything in life, we all have that moment where it’s a question of “will we” or “won’t we”.

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Gratitude IS the Answer

It’s funny. On our Glass Full of Soul podcast last night we discussed gratitude. We themed it around the timing of the Thanksgiving holiday, but it was a truly nice refresher for me to remind myself that being grateful, in any moment (good or bad), is a very useful tool to feel better, react better, and to get out of the funk that life sometimes brings you.

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