Joy is in the Simple Things

It occurred to me today that with the ever-growing “to do” lists that pile up and the demands life can bring, it can be very hard to remember to stop and appreciate the simple things and truly get pleasure from them. I was listening to a podcast today and it reminded me that there is so much joy in the simple, everyday things, but it is ALL IN HOW YOU LOOK AT IT.

This podcaster mentioned that one way to get in the flow was to “take your bra off and cook some lasagna.” I laughed because it was such an out-of-the-blue example of something that you could do to release and flow. But it got me thinking that, oh my gosh, I LOVE doing that. Cooking has always been a release for me. It is therapy at the end of the day, where I get to be creative, enjoy the process, and truly love the outcome. Some people find cooking stressful, a task, and something they have to do because everyone needs to eat. The same exact task but two very different perspectives.

Recognizing this made me remember that in order to be happy we have to shift our mindsets. We need to wake up and recognize joy is NOT outside of our every day, joy is NOT in the “ifs” and the “whens” but in the “right nows” and the “every days”. Joy is in the yardwork, and the texts from mom. Joy is in the swaying tree by your front porch or the nice smile from a stranger as you walk down the street. Joy is in the baby giggles, and the morning coffee, and your child’s softball game. Joy is in the cracks and crevices of each and every day. JOY IS ALL AROUND US.

If you look at things with the idea of “simple things are joy” you start to open up this new world for yourself. To stop taking things for granted and start being happy now. After all, isn’t that what we are all striving for? Happiness? Then recognize you can either choose to be happy now or continue to reach for something that you already have and never be happy.