Our intention is for every mama to feel empowered in her decisions and feel the best she can through the process.

To have the tools she needs for motherhood.

To find the strength within when she feels defeated or not enough.

The answers are always within us. We are here to guide you back to yourself. To become best friends with your intuition.

We believe every mother is a light worker.

You are meant for your children, and they are meant for you!

They will heal parts of you you didn’t know needed healing and you can provide everything they need for who they are meant to be in this world.

It is a symbiotic relationship that flows (and may not at times).

The mother needs to be taken care of. She is at the core of the family dynamic. She flourishes and everyone around her will too.


Heather Dawn is a Mama Coach, Prenatal and Postpartum yoga teacher, and Creative. She is here to provide the support and care every mama needs through every stage of motherhood.

“My intention is to empower every mother in her decision. To mother from a place of true authenticity by following her own unique intuition. I believe you can create motherhood on your own terms, whatever that may mean to you! The mother needs to be well taken care of so she can flourish and care for her family. We are creating the future. Now is the time to heal and step into the powerful goddesses that we are! When you raise your vibration, you raise the vibration of your child(ren) and that creates a ripple effect to raise the vibration of the entire planet.

It all starts with you, mama. And I am here to guide you along the way.”


Caitlin is a certified Life and Mindset Coach with an M.S. in School Counseling. She is here to help mothers overcome their limiting beliefs and transform mindsets so they can step into the mother they are meant to be.

“I dream of every Mama finding her inner empowered lioness. Helping women has become my true passion and since I became a mother, it became clear how much Mama’s need support. We are all truly capable of taking care of our beautiful babies, but our minds and the stressors of life try to convince us we aren’t. It is my hope that through this course every Mama leaves with a true understanding of her own beautiful capable self and she fully understands she was meant to be the mother to her child. We Mothers have a deep calling to nurture and make capable the next generation of enlightened ones- our children.”

what’s included:

Motherhood Aligned is a 6 week high-touch group coaching experience where we will guide you to become more in tune with your intuition, empower you to lead from your heart rather than through fear, and step into a new version of “Mama” that’s balanced, present, and happy.

Private Motherhood Aligned Facebook Group

This is your tribe of moms- Where you come with an open mind and an open heart, where there is no judgement, and we keep everything we share within the group. This is for you to share and connect with each other as well as receive real time support. All parenting styles are welcome and this is a safe space. If you are not open to other parenting styles or ideas this is not the space for you. This is also a space to connect to your mama coaches, Heather and Caitlin. They will be very active in the group and answer questions along the way. This group does not close once the course is over. You get to keep your mama tribe forever!

Weekly Video Modules ($700 Value)

In Motherhood Aligned, you are getting intimate support as we give you the tools and resources to become more connected and empowered as a mom.  Topics covered will be related to connecting to your intuition, self love, postpartum & mental health, mom guilt, conscious parenting and more! Your weekly coaching modules will be released at the beginning of each week where we will dive into specific topics that affect mothers everywhere. We will include worksheets to go along with each topic for notes and journaling prompts. You will have access to these videos at any time throughout the course once they are released.

Weekly Live Facebook Q&A Sessions ($300 Value)

Heather and Caitlin will be live on Facebook once a week to discuss the weekly topic more in depth and answer any questions. All Facebook lives will be up in the Facebook group permanently. You can access them at anytime after the initial live. We will see comments made even after, and will be happy to respond to comments or questions posted later.  

Bi-weekly Group Coaching Calls ($500 Value)

Join Caitlin and Heather for Bi-Weekly group coaching calls via Skype. Not only will you get to ask questions specific to your own life and motherhood, but you will hear what your fellow Aligned Mamas are working on too. You will find community and accountability and be coached to make significant breakthroughs.


Motherhood Aligned is for you if…

You are great Mama full of love, but feel overwhelmed and stressed when it comes to the pressures of life and being a mom.

You want to rid yourself of Mom Guilt and fully trust your intuition to make the best choices for your children .

You want to feel confident and empowered as a mother and lead from your heart rather than fear.

You want a tribe of mothers supporting you and empowering you along the way.

You want to step fully into the version of “Mama” you always dreamed of being.

She’s in there. She’s powerful. She is you.


What you’ll walk away with…

You will feel transformed as a woman and a mama.

You will feel in tune with yourself -emotionally, physically, spirituality.

You will have a fresh perspective on motherhood and face challenges like mom guilt, mom anxiety, postpartum body image, frustrations etc bravely and from a place of empowerment.

You will have tools in your back pocket to use in your EVERY DAY LIFE and you will know how to apply them.

You will walk a more enlightened path as a mama and feel a deeper connection to what motherhood truly means to you.

You will feel even more connected to the beautiful spirit you are raising and the amazing family surrounding you.

You will know without a shadow of a doubt that you were made for motherhood and your baby.

Mamas, we hear you. We feel you. We want you to know that you are NOT ALONE and that you can be that Mama, fully present and connected, to not only your baby(ies) but YOURSELF. We built Motherhood Aligned because we saw a need for Mamas everywhere to have a safe space to grow, connect, and fully step into the empowered mama she has always wanted to be.

Total Value: $1,500

Total Cost: $777.00 (regular price)

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