Meet Your Coach

Hey Guys! Welcome to my site! If you have found your way here, I know you were meant to! I am a Certified Coach through the World Coaching Institute, but I have been working in the helping industry and studying people my whole life! I have my Masters in School Counseling and a Bachelors in Clinical Psychology (The brain is SO COOL), but certifications and degrees aren't what make me the perfect coach for you! 

I am here to be the catalyst for your brand new amazing life! I spent too many days of my life believing I wasn't good enough, smart enough, or capable. If you have ever felt this way, please know, you are not alone, we've ALL been there, and I am also here to tell you IT CAN CHANGE! Through many twists and turns and intentional soul searching, I discovered that the only thing holding me back was ME. The minute I started to actively work on myself and my happiness, my life started to change and AMAZING THINGS HAPPENED!

Through this journey, my passion for helping women discover what they want and who they truly are EXPLODED and now I am here to set you ON FIRE! There is something incredibly unique in each of us and together we will yank that bold, brave, AMAZING woman you are out of hiding and make her boldly take steps into a brand new YOU!

I’ll be using a combination of positive psychology, manifestation, visualization, therapeutic techniques, and an array of life coaching tools to help you get clear on what you truly want, empower you, challenge you, shatter your limiting beliefs that have been holding you back for too long, and empower you to go after what you want! Together we will reach your goals, overcome fears, and open the doors to your brand new dream life! 

What are you waiting for??

The woman you want to be is already within you, I am just here to yank her out!”
— Caitlin Apple